Bilingualer Kunstunterricht

Part of the BiSa programme which is taught at the Luhe – Gymnasium is to teach art in English. Art is currently taught in English in form 7 and 8 by Mrs Bürgener, Mrs Brüns and Mrs Kunzendorf.

The pupils are introduced to general art terms, however, we mainly follow the general curriculum of the forms. In year 7 the pupils have an extra lesson of art resulting in three lessons per term for a whole year.

Paula Witschen reports on their first years of art in English:


Art in English

Since one and a half years, we have had art in English with Mrs Kunzendorf. We did the same things as the other classes, only in English. For all pupils, it was easy to understand, because we always got the new vocabulary and if someone didn’t know how to say something in English, he could say it in German.

We read English texts, for example, of the life and work of Picasso. We often worked in groups and then conversation should be in English. But to be honest, we also sometimes talked in German. The advantage of working in groups was that we could help each other, so even in the case we didn’t understand well there were others who could explain.

Finally, I can say, that art in English is not more difficult than learning it in German. No one should be afraid of it. It’s a lot of fun!

Paula Witschen, 8KB